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Why analyze job ads published on the web?

The modern labor market is affected by several phenomena: new technologies, aging populations and migratory flows are changing the labour market with an unknown before impact and speed.
People involved in planning strategies and policies for the job need information and develop new knowledge to study and understand these changes. Use of traditional and conventional tools is no longer sufficient (for cost and quality of the results): this project aims to set up a tool dedicated to the Basque labor market able to provide job-related information on the web. Use these information in decision-making allows you to measure actual job demand, evaluate the evolution of this question, reduce the time-to-market analysis and decisions and multidimensional analysis (type of occupation, skill, sector, etc.). Job ads posted on the web require a rigorous scientific, methodological and technical treatment to obtain information. [Read Methodology]


bizkaiatalent logo With the support of the Department for Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Bizkaia Talent was established in 2005 as a non-profit organisation with a clear mission: to foster and facilitate the implementation of the necessary conditions for attracting, connecting and retaining in the Basque Historic Territory of Bizkaia highly qualified people in the areas of knowledge and innovation. [Go to the website]


lightcast logo Lightcast, leader company in the field of real-time labor market analytics, informs people and businesses to design and implement sustainable employability strategies capable of connecting the dots between education, government, and companies by providing data-driven insight into the job market. [Go to the website]


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Start from area to discover occupations. Find the most searched occupations on the Web by companies, and their relative skills, in your area.


Start from skills to discover occupations. Type the most relevant skills of the candidate, and discover the related most searched occupations.


Start from industries to discover occupations. Select one industry to find related occupations.


Start from occupations to discover details. Select one occupation to find details, including where is most searched.

12 months of job vacancies

Analyze historical summary data of job ads published on the web over the past 12 months.

Occupation of the month

Every month we propose an in-depth study of a relevant profession in the Basque labor market.

Skills in a cloud

Get an overview of the skills required in the Basque labor market.

Industries on a map

Industry, commerce and services: three sectors, three different realities to be analyzed.
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